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Standardised Delivery Rates - 2021

Muazo will now be shipping Internationally using weight, UK rates are unchanged. These new rates are designed to provide better value to our international customers. 

Changes is delivery caused by Brexit will be coming in over the month of January 2021.


These new rates reflect the requests of both our customers and our drive at Muazo to make rates and destinations as clear as possible.

These delivery rates supersede any rate seen on the Muazo website prior to this content being made available. 

Although these are subject to change over the course of time; these are the rates as of January 2021, 

If your country is not listed, get in touch and lets us know.

Shipping rates also referred to but not limited to as "delivery rates", "delivery cost", "delivery charges" and "Shipping".

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions, delivery time will vary and next day delivery is currently not guaranteed by royal mail.

CountryTaxableStandard Shipping rateOffer
UK Mainland and NiYesFree Standard deliveryFor orders £100 and above  
UK Mainland and Ni Yes£4.00For orders below £100
UK Mainland Next Day DeliveryYes£10Free on orders over £150
UK Channel IslandsNo£10additional £2 per 2.5kg
Republic of Ireland Yes£10additional £2 per 2.5kg
UK Isle of ManYes£10additional £2 per 2.5kg
UK EXPRESS DPD Delivery  Yes £8fixed fee 
CountryTaxableStandard Shipping rateOffer
AustraliaNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
AustriaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
BelgiumYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
BulgariaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
CanadaNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
CroatiaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
CyprusYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
Czech RepublicYes£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
DenmarkYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
                               EgyptNo£40 additional £5 per 2.5kg
EstoniaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
FinlandYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
FranceYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
GermanyYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
GreeceYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
Hong KongNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
HungaryYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
IcelandYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
                                IndiaNo£35 additional £5 per 2.5kg
ItalyYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
JapanNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
LatviaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
LithuaniaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
LuxembourgYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
MaltaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
MoldovaYes£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
NetherlandsYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
New ZealandNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
NorwayYes£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
                                 PeruNo£40 additional £5 per 2.5kg
PolandYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
PortugalYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
Republic Of IrelandYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
RomaniaYes£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
                               Russia No£40 additional £5 per 2.5kg
SingaporeNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
SlovakiaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
SloveniaYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
South AfricaNo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
SpainYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
SwedenYes£15additional £5 per 2.5kg
SwitzerlandNo£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
TurkeyYes£35additional £5 per 2.5kg
UAE (United Arab Emirates)No£35additional £10 per 2.5kg
USANo£35additional £10 per 2.5kg