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Made in Japan Binchotan charcoal grooming and beauty products. Remove toxins and help your skin recover from the daily grind. 

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Made in the Kishu region of Japan since the Edo period, Binchotan charcoal is activated by burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures for several days and then rapidly cooling them. Known as the highest quality activated charcoal for purifying water, Binchotan charcoal can be used to absorb chemicals in tap water, remove toxins from the skin, capture moisture and odours from the air, enhance blood circulation in a hot bath, stimulate healthy soil in the garden and deflect negative ions in your home.

Binchotan Charcoal has been blended with Toothbrushes to help prevent plaque and bad breath. Has also been used to create a cleansing mask and soap to help remove toxins, prevent breakouts and rebalance the skins PH level.