Daneson Every Blend Gift Box 28/12/2020
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Daneson Toothpicks

Daneson birchwood toothpicks have been a bestseller on Muazo for over 5years! having come across Daneson on my travels, I decided to reach out to the then small independent, based out in Ontario, Canada. after spending many weeks communicating with the founder of Daneson, Clayton Hon, I decided to bring Daneson to the UK, this was not an easy decision to make, considering the costs invoiced in the purchase and import of what essentially is a Toothpick! It was a punt but one I believed would workout due to the... Read More

Cosi Tabellini Italian Pewter Whisky Glass 01/08/2020
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Cosi Tabellini and the search for the best whisky tumbler. a Muazo Story.

Looking For The Perfect Whisky Tumbler?  Cosi Tabellini established in 1954 is a third-generation family-run company. We thought locating the perfect whisky tumbler would be a tricky but not impossible task. After testing close to 50 tumblers we were close to picking one just out of pure exasperation. Enter Cosi Tabeillni, although we had come across them before we were under the impression there wouldn’t be much difference between these Cosi pewter tumblers and others on the market, well we were wrong. Beautiful Whisky Tumblers. This was our first impression... Read More

Amazonia Organic 31/07/2020

Amazonia RAW Organic Protein and Supplements.

Amazonia RAW Organic is a very special brand for us at Muazo. After discovering Amazonia Organic while on a holiday in Australia and using Amazonia daily as part of our healthy lifestyle, we saw and experienced the benefits of Amazonia first hand. We just had to find a way to bring back home to the UK. Founded by Australian Dwayne Martens, Amazonia Organic have a simple philosophy: “To deliver the best nutrition, resulting in more happy, healthy, bright-eyed and energetic individual.” With this mission in mind, Amazonia have created a... Read More

Grown Adaptogenic Tonic 30/07/2020

Grown Adaptogenic Tonic | Now Available at Muazo.

Who are Grown? Grown is a health tonics brand. Fusing centuries of knowledge with cutting edge modern-day sciences.  Grown have taken what humans have known for centuries and produced a range of tonics that help our body and mind deal with the stresses of modern-day living. Created by Domingo Rodriguez, Grown has developed from Domingo’s need to find a natural way to manage the high pressure, high-stress environment of the fashion industry. Formulated from herbs,  medicinal mushrooms and roots such as Sage, Reishi Mushroom and Ashwagandha. Grown have made it easier and... Read More

Standardised and harmonised International Shipping Rates.

After reviewing the feedback from our customers and our drive to make delivery costs clearer. We have decided to introduce a harmonised shipping rate. This means that shipping costs are now calculated by weight and destination. Rates are competitive and work to provide better value to our international customers. UK delivery rates have not changed. Our new rates can be found HERE

Muazo Distillery | Wolfburn Whisky 15/02/2019

The Muazo Distillery.

The Muazo Distillery. Focusing on niche selection of spirits, The Muazo Distillery has taken 2 years of development and testing in order to bring you the best and smoothest buying experience. Stocking award-winning and small-batch spirits from around the world, covering; Irish Whiskey, American Bourbon, Single Malts from Scotland and an army of Gin and Vodka, Plus tasing sets to stimulate your tastebuds and inspire your gifting options. After testing a number of courier/delivery services, Muazo has paired with a top tier courier, Delivering your order within 48 hours in... Read More

Drinks By the Dram Advent calendar 20/09/2018
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Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendars and International Delivery.

They are back! The award-winning advent calendars by Drinks By the Dram. With 24 30ml hands poured and wax sealed drams in each advent calendar, there will be plenty to talk about and warm your cockles this Christmas. This year we are focusing on the newly themed presentations featuring colourfully designed festive packaging rather the usually brown craft packaging. There’s a whole new selection of calendars this year, covering, Gin, Rum, whisky, bourbon, tequila and vodka, there’s something for everyone. there’s even a calendar for the Japanese whisky lover and... Read More

Muazo Youtube Channel 04/06/2018

Muazo YouTube Channel

We have launched a Youtube channel, Muazo, hosted by Nitin, the Founder of Muazo.  Dedicated to showcasing the products and brand stocked on The Muazo Youtube channel will provide you with additional product information, tutorials, reviews, how to’s and competitions. Whether you’re making a purchase or just looking to become better informed, the Muazo Youtube channel is here to help you. Make sure you subscribe so you do not miss out on new releases and competitions.

Stranger Things Stance Socks 03/11/2017
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Stranger Things Socks by Stance.

If you’re like us and you’re obsessed with the Netflix smash, Stranger Things, then you’re going to love this new collaboration. Netflix has teamed up with Stance Socks to create a range dedicated to the show. Ultra soft socks featuring the brilliant ‘Stranger Things’ logo and ‘Eleven’ with her bloody nose. The socks will be released on December the 1st and Muazo are currently taking pre-orders, you’ll have to pre-order to make sure you get yours in time for Christmas. Click the image to make your pre-order. Plus there’s Free UK Delivery... Read More

Named day delivery 30/09/2017

Named Day Delivery

Named Day Delivery. As part of our drive to ensure we our investing in the right technology and services that provide you with greater value and satisfaction. We are proud to announce that we are now offering a ‘ Named Day Delivery’ service. How it works. Named day delivery allows you to purchase an item and have it delivered on a day that suits you. You can order an item today and have it delivered in a week or a month, any date that is convenient to you. Maybe have... Read More