Daneson Toothpicks

Daneson birchwood toothpicks have been a bestseller on Muazo for over 5years!

having come across Daneson on my travels, I decided to reach out to the then small independent, based out in Ontario, Canada.

after spending many weeks communicating with the founder of Daneson, Clayton Hon, I decided to bring Daneson to the UK, this was not an easy decision to make, considering the costs invoiced in the purchase and import of what essentially is a Toothpick! It was a punt but one I believed would workout due to the nature of the product and the ethos of Daneson.

Why I love Daneson.

  1. Reforestation: For every 1 tree used to produce Daneson products, Daneson commits to planting 100 trees, 1:100 ratio, far greater than the targets of the logging industry.
  2. Real ingredients: Birchwood, Single Malt, Bourbon and natural oils. these are the things the make up the flavour of a Daneson toothpick.
  3. Subtle flavours: By design, Daneson toothpicks are formulated to be subtle in flavour. the richness of flavours are sitting deep within the birch wood, do not expect to receive a BIG taste of bourbon or single malt, the beauty is in the subtle growing flavour of the oils, the more the toothpick is worked and warmed, the more the wood will release the flavourful oils.
  4. Rebirth of a Legend: The humble toothpick has been a part of Hollywood iconography for generations. The perfect accessory for any handsome rogue. however, during the end of the ” Golden Age” of Hollywood, the toothpick and any associated items left the silver screen in favour of a cleaner “Goodboy” image. Over the last 5 years or so, the independent expression of the individual has been encouraged and developed, the toothpick has made a comeback, representing the now more sophisticated yet rugged nature of masculinity.

I could go on but I’ll leave it there, in closing, Daneson has produced an item for the nostalgic, curious and refined. A huge amount of passion and attention to detail go into producing a Danesn toothpick and I love them for it,

Daneson Everyblend Toothpick set
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Daneson FAQ.

  • How do i use Daneson?

Burnt tip out with a few gentle bites on the birch.
This releases the botanicals, phenols, and oils trapped in the cellulose of the wood.

  • Why are Daneson flavours mild?

It’s by design. Daneson uses real natural ingredients so it can take time for the flavour to work its way out of the wood onto your taste buds.

Bear in mind that with the Single malt and Bourbon based toothpicks, shortly after bottling, the lip smack inducing taste of alcohol has flashed away.

What is left behind are the mellow phenols and cask attributes of the booze. All Daneson recipes benefit from a gentle chew and time drawing out the heart of the ingredients set deep in the birch.

However, don’t expect explosions of flavour akin to artificially flavoured candies and toothpicks.

  • Why is the end of the toothpick seared?

Daneson toothpicks are seared in their proprietary production process. It has the added benefit of distinguishing a Daneson from the average toothpick. When you use a Daneson, we recommend having the seared tip facing outwards.

  • Blacktip in or out?

Daneson’s are designed to be enjoyed with the seared or burnt tip out

  • Are there any nut products in a Daneson Toothpick?

The flavouring component of a Daneson product does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts itself. However, the flavouring is processed in a facility where there may contain peanuts or tree nuts. There is also the possibility for it to be processed on the same equipment with peanuts or tree nuts. If you experience an allergic reaction, we would recommend that you immediately seek medical attention and cease any further usage.

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