Cosi Tabellini and the search for the best whisky tumbler. a Muazo Story.

Looking For The Perfect Whisky Tumbler? 

Cosi Tabellini established in 1954 is a third-generation family-run company.

We thought locating the perfect whisky tumbler would be a tricky but not impossible task. After testing close to 50 tumblers we were close to picking one just out of pure exasperation. Enter Cosi Tabeillni, although we had come across them before we were under the impression there wouldn’t be much difference between these Cosi pewter tumblers and others on the market, well we were wrong.

Beautiful Whisky Tumblers.

This was our first impression when we got our hands on them, the weight, thick Italian crystal and chunky match marked pewter just stood out from others we had tested. Cosi Tabellini tumblers just feel right in the hand, regal almost. 

Cosi Tabellini glasses are available in various sizes, from a little shot glass down to the classic highball. For the purpose of this article, we shall focus on what we consider to be whisky glasses. 

Cosi Tabellin Sirmione Classic Whisky Tumbler.

These 24cl handcrafted pewter and crystal whisky glasses will bring an air of authority to your favourite dram. Thick crystal is married to a weighty pewter base, you can even whip out your favourite muddler and muddle lemons or limes, the thickness of the crystal and pewter can take the pressure without issue. 

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Cosi Tabellini Sirmione Double Rocks “Old Fashioned” Whisky Tumbler.

The double rocks whisky tumbler is something we never thought we needed until we tried it. Getting right to the point, the double rocks tumbler is made for large blocks of ice, making this possibly the perfect glass for an Old Fashioned cocktail, you can mix your drink right in the glass, big wide mouth, sturdy build and perfect in the hand,  we like to think the double rocks glass would be right at home nestled in the hands of legends like Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.. taking us back to the golden days of Hollywood.

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A whisky tasting glass better than the Glencairn?

We have a lot of respect for the Glencairn whisky glass, due to its tulip design, it’s basically the go-to glass for whisky tasting but that’s about it, in our opinion, there’s nothing else interesting about it, its super common and brings nothing new to the table.  

This is where the Cosi Tabellini Abbazia Tulip Whisky Glass comes in. this beautiful handcrafted crystal tulip glass does everything the Glencairn does but with a touch more craftsmanship and a whole lot of regal flair.

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Heirloom Quality.

Essentially what differentiates Cosi Tabellini from the others is their focus on quality and craftsmanship, every piece is handcrafted and made to last a lifetime. These are the sort of items you’ll end up handing down to your kids or grandkids.  There’s a reason Cosi Tabellini products are featured in Hollywood films such as “Man in the Iron Mask” featuring Leonardo Dicaprio. Its because Cosi Tabellini produces truly authentic wares, items you can be proud off and a great taking point when hosting your next cocktail party or whisky tasting. 

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