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Who are Grown?

Grown Adaptogenic Tonic.
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Grown is a health tonics brand. Fusing centuries of knowledge with cutting edge modern-day sciences. 

Grown have taken what humans have known for centuries and produced a range of tonics that help our body and mind deal with the stresses of modern-day living. Created by Domingo Rodriguez, Grown has developed from Domingo’s need to find a natural way to manage the high pressure, high-stress environment of the fashion industry.

Formulated from herbs,  medicinal mushrooms and roots such as Sage, Reishi Mushroom and Ashwagandha. Grown have made it easier and a lot more accessible by taking away the need to measure and mix these yourself.

What is an Adaptogen?

Long term exposure to pressure and stress can start to manifest itself not only mentally via burnout for example but also physically. In Domingo’s case, he started to suffer from stress-related hair loss.

Adaptogens are herbs and fungi that help the body to adapt to stress and support the biological functions of the body. 

Ingesting plant and mushroom adaptogenic compounds help to build resistance to emotional, physical, psychological and environmental stressors promoting optimal physiological functions.

What are Nervines?

Plants, fungi or mixtures of compounds that act upon the nerves and nervous system to help alleviate stress and calm tired nerves. 

Which Grown Adaptogenic Tonic?

All the tonics in the Grown range have been formulated for a specific purpose, covering 4 distinct areas. Consisting of a mix of Botanicals, Herbs and Mushrooms.

  • Morning/Waking up.
  • Afternoon/Beat that Slump!
  • Skin Health/Help your Skin 
  • Night/Before Bed
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How to Take a Grown Tonic?

Grown Adaptogenic Tonic
Grown Adaptogenic Tonic
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Taken throughout the day, Just 10 drops taken under the tongue or in your favourite hot or cold drink is enough to deliver your adaptogenic dosage. You don’t have to use all 4 but they have been formulated to complement each other. 

What’s in a Grown Adaptogenic tonic?

Here is s small list of the ingredients used to make these tonics and some of their benefits. 

Grown Botanicals.

Grown source and formulate with vibrant whole botanicals and potent plant extracts to capture the optimal therapeutic and flavour potential of each plant that we work with.

Grown Fungi

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We source, extract and formulate with whole mushroom extracts (fruiting body and mycelium) these extracts contain complex therapeutic mixtures of active compounds. 

Extracting the fruiting body and mycelium enables us to authentically capture and share the true potential of each fungi in our tonics.

Mushroom Fruiting Body

Fruiting body, the ‘mushroom’ or above-ground part of the fungi, many plants reproduce by flowering, fungi’s organs of reproduction are the spore containing therapeutic polysaccharide-rich mushrooms.

Mushroom Mycelium

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Mycelium is the fungi’s electrochemical communication system, involved with reproduction, the decomposition of organic matter and obtaining nutrients to support development and growth. 

The mycelial networks also connect and support the surrounding nature by providing nutrients to the roots of other plants, trees and fungi.

Primary metabolites for health

Primary metabolites are essential for growth and the development of plants and fungi, they consist of carbohydrates, organic and amino acids and proteins. 

Much of the research on fungi particularly around immunity is focused on the long chains of carbohydrates called polysaccharides (beta-glucans and proteoglycans). 

We extract and infuse the fruiting bodies of a number of medicinal fungi in our tonics. 

Secondary metabolites for health

Secondary metabolites or plant chemicals are the therapeutic, flavour & aroma molecules (terpenes, phenolics, glycosides and alkaloids), these are produced by the plants and fungi to increase their fitness and allow them to interact with their environment, pathogens, herbivorous, other organisms and symbiotic insects. 

Plants and fungi have developed and evolved secondary biochemical pathways that allow them to synthesise a raft of chemicals, often in response to specific environmental stimuli, such as herbivore-induced damage, pathogen attacks, or nutrient deprivation. 

Many of these secondary metabolites offer a wide range of therapeutic actions and are often adaptogenic as the plants and fungi have to deal with a great deal of environmental stress.

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Please note: NO supplement will resolve an issue you are experiencing unless you deal with the root cause. Please speak to your GP or certified medical practitioner to understand how to deal with stress or any other ailment. 

These supplements are designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. To get the best out of these supplements, Please take some time to do 30mins of daily high exertion exercise and manage your stress levels.  

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