Amazonia RAW Organic Protein and Supplements.

Amazonia RAW Organic is a very special brand for us at Muazo. After discovering Amazonia Organic while on a holiday in Australia and using Amazonia daily as part of our healthy lifestyle, we saw and experienced the benefits of Amazonia first hand. We just had to find a way to bring back home to the UK.

Founded by Australian Dwayne Martens, Amazonia Organic have a simple philosophy: “To deliver the best nutrition, resulting in more happy, healthy, bright-eyed and energetic individual.”

With this mission in mind, Amazonia have created a vast range of nutrient-dense supplements. 

 Amazonia’s approach to sourcing, farming and manufacturing is quite unique. Ingredients are ethically sourced and certified organic, While farmers and associated workers are paid a fair wage and everything is farmed with sustainability and the surrounding ecosystem in mind. 

Muazo Stocks Amazonia Within 3 Categories. 

  • RAW Proteins
  • RAW Nutrition 
  • Collagen

Which Amazonia Raw Protein Should I Use?

As you can imagine, Proteins are very popular and a great way to sustain and complement a healthy and active lifestyle. Amazonia currently have 3 different types of protein formulations.

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Amazonia RAW Isolate Protein is made from over 80% organic sprouted and fermented proteins. Specifically formulated with a blend of 70% golden pea and 30% brown rice to provide a complete amino acid profile. All the Amazonia protein are certified organic, dairy-free, vegan friendly. A great way to increase your daily protein intake and support muscle repair and growth.

Amazonia Raw Paleo Fermented Protein is a delicious wholefood formula combining a nourishing, sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a comprehensive paleo-friendly protein blend. Using unique principles of fermentation that have been in practice since the Palaeolithic Age allows for enhanced bioavailability of nutrients in a form that is gentle on the digestive system. This vegan and grain-free plant protein formula contain a digestible protein with additional superfoods such as fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia.

Amazonia Raw Slim And Tone Weight Management Protein contains a sprouted and fermented protein base with nourishing minerals, herbs, spices and greens to help support metabolism, healthy toning and craving reduction. Vegan, Plant-based, Low Carb, No Gluten, Sugar or Dairy. Amazonia Slim and Tone will keep you fuller for longer and assist in curbing your cravings. 

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Which Amazonia Raw Nutrition Should I Use For My Gut And Detoxing?

Recent studies point towards your gut being called the “Second Brain”. Without a fully functioning gut biome, the body just isn’t breaking down and absorbing nutrients it needs to keep you energised and healthy. 

To assist your gut in both breakdowns and detoxing, Amazonia has 2 key products.

Amazonia RAW Pre-Probiotic is a potent blend of 5 probiotic strains, prebiotic and probiotic fermented whole-foods to promote digestive balance. Probiotics are good bacteria that help replenish healthy gut flora while prebiotic help probiotics thrive inside the body.

Raw Pre-probiotic is a unique formula that may assist in soothing digestive discomforts and supporting gut health.

Amazonia RAW Pre-Biotic Greens is a Certified Organic formula containing 9 sources of green superfood ingredients (alkaline chlorophyll), which may assist detoxification processes and support energy production in a formula designed for optimal absorption.

This delicious daily green blend combines nutrient-dense sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, algae, herbs, prebiotic and over 74 trace minerals to support vitality. Full-spectrum of green specific ingredients, vegan and no gluten or dairy.

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Anti Inflammatory Drinks and Lattes.

These delicious yet incredibly anti-inflammatory lattes have been formulated using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Blend these into your favourite milk or milk alternative to create a nourishing hot drink,

Amazonia Golden Latte is a warming spice blend inspired by the Ayurvedic ‘Golden Milk’ tradition. Turmeric has a vibrant colour and full-bodied flavour and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Combined with nourishing Ayurvedic spices Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger, Amazonia Golden Latte is a delicious and comforting health blend

Amazonia Spiced Cacao Latte is an invigorating fusion of Organic raw Cacao and traditional Ayurvedic spices. Cacao is known for its health properties and contains more than 27 times the antioxidants of blueberries+. Paired with Cinnamon, Turmeric and Ginger, Amazonia Spiced Cacao is the ultimate healthy indulgence. Shine Brighter.

Which Amazonia Is Good For Skin, Nail And Hair Health?

Collagen is a well-researched and documented protein. The most abundant protein in mammals, Making up 20%-35% of your whole-body protein content. Unfortunately, over time, collagen production does slow, resulting in undesirable symptoms such as, dry saggy skin, brittle hair and nails and painful joints.   

This is where supplanting with collagen can help top up your body and assist in keeping you looking and feeling tiptop!

Amazonia Raw Collagen Glow 5000 is a premium formula designed to support collagen production, natural connective tissue structure and skin function. 

This beauty blend contains 5000mg of Type I & III Collagen in a highly bioavailable form with Vitamin C to promote natural collagen formation. 

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The Amazonia range has been formulated to complement one another. 1 item from each category is a great way to cover your nutritional supplementation requirements. Feel free to mix and match and put tother your ultimate health combination.

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