Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendars 2018 and International Delivery

They are back!

The award-winning advent calendars by Drinks By the Dram.
A whole new world to discover for Christmas 2018.

With 24 30ml hands poured and wax sealed drams in each advent calendar, there will be plenty to talk about and warm your cockles this Christmas.

This year we are focusing on the newly themed presentations featuring colourfully designed festive packaging rather the usually brown craft packaging.

There’s a whole new selection of calendars this year, covering, Gin, Rum, whisky, Bourbon, tequila and vodka, there’s something for everyone.

there’s even a calendar for the Japanese whisky lover and the Irish whisky lover and if you’re a true nutter, you can have a go with the very popular Naga Chilli escalation calendar, try it if you think you’re hard enough!.

  1. Delivery within the EU is quite straightforward.
  2. Deliveries outside of the UK and EU, we’ve got you covered.

How to purchase: 

As this is an age restricted item. You’ll need to create an account on the Muazo website and save your date of birth. Make sure you log in to Muazo using your new account details and then proceed to checkout, tick the lil box to confirm you are over the age restriction and the rest should straightforward.

Deliveries to International destinations and the USA.

Please note: orders placed on or after the 8th of November will be delivered close to or after the 1st of December.

We are working with a courier who is licenced by the USA to deliver alcohol into the USA to a non-commercial address. The delivery cost per calendar in the order will provide:
  1. end-to-end tracking.
  2. Age verification upon delivery.
  3. Cover for Customs charges.
We do our best to ensure no further customs charges are applied however it is up to the mood of your state whether they decide to apply more.
There will have to be an individual over the age of 21 with proof of age to accept delivery.
  • In our experience, none of our orders have been confiscated and destroyed by customs. The worst experience we’ve had is the item was “returned to sender”.
  • If your country or state does not accept alcohol from an international source,  it should be returned to the sender.
  • If your country or state decides to hold the item and place a customs charges upon it regardless of any customs already paid, they should notify you and advise of the costs.
If the item is returned to us “undelivered” we will refund the cost of the item but Not the shipping.
We cannot ship alcohol to Canada, Russia or Brazil,

Also, due to USA state import restrictions, we are not allowed to deliver to:

Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota or Utah and Michigan, Ohio, Colorado.

We can currently deliver to the following US states:

  • Alaska (Anchorage only) AK
  • California, CA
  • Connecticut, CT
  • Delaware, DL
  • District of Columbia, DC
  • Florida, FL
  • Idaho, ID
  • Louisiana, LA
  • Maine, ME
  • Maryland, MD
  • Massachusetts , MA
  • Nebraska, NE
  • New Jersey, NJ
  • New Mexico, NM
  • New York, NY
  • Oregon, OR
  • Rhode Island, RI
  • Texas, TX
  • Vermont, VT
  • Virginia, VA
  • Wyoming, WY

if your state is not listed; Please do not place an order.

Tracking your order:

We’ve partnered with an alcohol-specific courier this year so the tracking system is slightly different than usual.

you’ll be able to track your order using this link.


Use your web order ref as your tracking number, for example, “Web12335”.

We are shipping daily. Delivery takes approximately 10 business days after dispatch, not including weekends or public holidays.

Please note: orders placed on or after the 8th of November will be delivered close to or after the 1st of December.

We hope this helps?
Please do let us know if you have any question?
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