Patricks Luxury Men’s Grooming Products

Patricks Products.

Patricks has landed at and if you haven’t heard of it yet (WTF!) you’re about to find out why Patricks is such a big deal.

Based a stone’s throw away from the golden sands of Bondi beach in New South Wales, Australia. Patrick Kidd and his wife Aimee decided to pack in their day jobs and open a desperately needed high-end men’s salon. Little did they know that their salon would become the beating heart of the men’s grooming revolution taking over Australia.

Patrick decided to develop his own men’s hair styling range, one that he could rely on to create the results both he and his customers expected, A product range he could stamp his name on. Like everything Patrick puts his mind to, this wasn’t going to be some drugstore gunk, Patrick would take on the big boys, his formulation would give all that common gunk the middle finger!

Setting his sights high and using the salon as a testing ground, the Patricks range of men’s haircare took 7 years to develop, everything has been formulated without limits taking a no-holds-barred approach. Patrick has focused on bringing together the best in luxury, science and product design with a few clever nods to the legend, that is James Bond 007. Simply put, there’s nothing quite like Patricks in the men’s grooming arena.

” It took many years, prototypes and redesigns, 2 failed manufacturing attempts, blown deadlines, surviving corporate sabotage and a whole lot of hustle.”  Patrick Kidd.

Patricks Recovery Compound PRC.

Every product contains the ground-breaking Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC) formulated to help reduce hair loss by breaking down Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) known for causing baldness in men. Reducing DHT restores blood flow to the hair follicle making it stronger and encouraging hair growth.

The Patricks Range.

Now that Patricks has landed at Muazo how do you know which product to choose?

The tables below will help you identify which Shampoo and Conditioner combination is right for you along with which Styling product will work best on your hair type.

Step 1. Shampoo and Conditioner.

Patricks Products Shampoo and Conditioner





Thickening Shampoo

Deep Clean Shampoo Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner

Moisturising Conditioner

Designed for

Thin to Normal Hair

Thick to Normal Hair Thin to Normal Hair

Thick to Normal Hair

Patricks Recovery Compound Yes Yes Yes Yes

Vetiver and Baltic Amber

Violet and Tobacco Leaf White Mint and Vetiver Vetiver and Black Lily

Step 2. Styling.

Patricks Products Styling Pomade


M2 M3



Matte Finish Light Hold

Matte Finish Medium Hold Matte Finish Strong Hold

Shine Finish Medium Hold

Designed for

Short to medium length, fine hair

Short to medium length, thick hair Short length, thick or coarse hair

All hair types

Patricks Recovery Compound Yes Yes Yes Yes

Vetiver and Silver Fir

Bergamot and Sandalwood Labdanum and Patchouli

Neroli and Dark Cedar

That’s a quick introduction to Patricks for more information or to view the whole range Click Here 

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