Morris Motley Mens Haircare

Morris Motley is the creation of Melbourne based hairstylist Rob Mason. Rob has spent the last decade refining and honing his unique approach to men’s hairstyling. Based out of his studio in Richmond Melbourne, Rob has been transforming the lives of men through is dedication and talent. Unlike many stylists, Barbers and salons that pump out celebrity inspired hairstyles, Rob approaches each client as an individual, assessing the hair, scalp, hairline and discussing any issues such as balding, scalp heath and widows peak.

Taking all this into account Rob then reviews the structure of the clients face to create a style that is tailored to complement each individual. Some may think the $100 for an hour is a bit steep but the level of consultation and attention each client receives is second to none. Rob always works with his clients to resolve their insecurities with their hair, even if it means uncovering a receding hairline rather than cultivating that awful comb over. The studio doesn’t even have a phone so there are zero distractions, just complete dedication from Rob to his client

To complement his unique approach Rob has formulated a range of men’s hairstyling products, taking his knowledge and pouring it into a range that is both unique and effective.

Morris Motley Treatment Styling BalmMorris Motley ChromeMorris Motley Treatment Cleansing Oil


Morris Motley Hair Treatment Balm: Jam packed with hair and scalp nourishing vegan friendly ingredients. This unique formulation is so thick Rob had a difficult time getting it in pour into the 100g tubs. Rub some treatment balm into damp hair before styling with a blow dryer and the innovative formula will make the hair swell creating thickness, fullness and volume, great for thinning or fine hair.  Epic hold and texture with a matte finish.

Morris Motley Chrome Hairstyling Cream: Chrome has all the benefits of the Treatment Balm but with the added benefit of providing shine. Chrome is perfect for highlighting curls and waves or for going all out with a slick back style or high shine pompadour.

Morris Motley Cleansing Oil: This is where it gets really interesting; Morris Motley cleansing oil is an unusual approach to cleaning hair. Formulated to work along side the styling products in the Morris Motley range. The cleansing oil works on the scientific principle that oil emulsifies oil. When combined with water and applied to the hair, the oil beings to breakdown excess oils, dirt, styling products and other pollutants while nourishing and repairing the hair and scalp. After about 3mins, rinse well with warm water and your hair will be clean, nourished and balanced rather than dry and frizzy like regular shampooing.

Morris Motley styling products are all vegan friendly, water-soluble and all made in Australia. are proud to be the first UK stockist of the complete Morris Motley haircare range.

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